Javascript Web Developer

I program websites, web apps, and phone apps from inception to completion using only core Javascript

I am skilled at client side and server side Javascript

Javascript ES6 and Beyond

I began using Javascript in 2009. At the time it was an immature language which was missing certain common language characteristics, e.g. classes. You had to know all the gotcha's to be successful. Now the language is mature and robust, infact it is pushing the envelope of what can be done on the web.

React JS

I love React for many reasons. It is always improving its API and its community and third party packages are abundant. This helps me to achieve better DRY code (Don't Repeat Yourself).

React Native

The dev ops that are necessary to launch both Android and IOS apps are immense, and likely, insurmountable by most individuals. React Native has unified the phone operating systems into a unique library which allows me to use React to simultaneously program both Android and IOS phone apps. React is amazing!

An analytics web app for mining industry

This web app was created using includes Auth0 for authentication, a java web service (API), a mongodb database, and an IOS app which collects the data. I used React, Redux, and Auth0 to create this app.

An analytics web app for mining industry created by Dallas Boyer

A Reddit like Comment Forum Web App with comment voting system

This React web app uses Redux for global state management and React local state for specialized situations. It uses a Node JS web service for CRUD operations. The project includes both a fronend and backend, I created the frontend portion.

A Reddit like comment forum web app with comment voting created by Dallas Boyer

A Flashcards Android and IOS Phone App

This phone app was programmed with React Native which allows me to create both Android and IOS phone apps simultaneously from a single code base. I used React, React Native, and Redux.

A Flashcards Android and IOS Phone App created by Dallas Boyer

A Book Tracking Web App created in React and Redux

This web app uses React and Redux. It consumes a simple third party CRUD API. The main goal is to demonstrate proper state management.

A book tracking web app created by Dallas Boyer

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